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Interested in learning more about the Section 3A "MBTA Communities" Multi-Family Zoning? 

Newbury's Annual Town Meeting was held on April 30, 2024. The Planning Board presented Article #14, proposing the MBTA Communities Multi-Family Zoning Overlay District. The Article was approved by Town Meeting voters, with 234 "yes" votes and 80 "no" votes. The Merrimack Valley Planning Commission (MVPC) served as the Town's technical consultant in development of the proposal. Ian Burns, MVPC's Community & Economic Development Program Manager, presented these slides at Town Meeting.

Click here to view the presentation given by MVPC Planner Ian Burns at the pre-Town meeting information session held on Wednesday, April 24, at 6:30pm. This meeting was the third informational meeting held in April to discuss Newbury's proposal for compliance with the State's legislation as presented to Town voters for the 2024 Annual Town Meeting. This was the 16th public meeting held to develop and discuss the proposal.

For more information on the MBTA Multi-Family Housing zoning proposal including the bylaw and overlay district map, visit this page.

PLEASE NOTE: The zoning proposal regarding the Wireless Communications Overlay District has been tabled and will NOT be considered at the 2024 Annual Town Meeting. For more information about Wireless District zoning, visit this page. 

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The 2023-2028 Newbury Master Plan Update is complete! For more information and to read the final plan click here.

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The Planning Board is actively involved with all aspects of land use within the Town including regulation of the Subdivision Control Law and Newbury's Zoning Bylaw. The Board continuously reviews its Zoning Bylaw for improvements and amendments to meet the demands of the Town and its growth patterns.  

The Newbury Planning Board is responsible for:
•Updating the Town's Master Plan and other long-range planning documents
•Holding Public Hearings and making recommendations on proposed Zoning or amendments
•Determining if a plan is exempt (ANR) from State Subdivision Control Law
•Adopting Subdivision Rules and Regulations
•Review and Approval or Disapproval of Subdivision Plans
The Newbury Planning Board is not responsible for:
•Enforcing Zoning Bylaws (Zoning Enforcement Official)
•Administrative Appeals (for example, regarding the Building Inspector's decisions)
•Granting Variances
•Wetland Protection Act and regulation permits and enforcement
•Title V (septic system) permits and enforcement
•Business Licenses or permits

The adoption of Zoning bylaws or amendments must be done at Town Meeting by at least a 2/3 majority vote. The primary zoning enforcement officer in Newbury is the Building Inspector. Appeals and requests for variances are handled by the Zoning Board of Appeals. Wetlands regulation is the responsibility of the Conservation Commission. Title V regulation is the responsibility of the Health Agent and the Board of Health. Business permits are granted by the Select Board.

NOTE: The version of the Newbury Bylaws, in whole or in part, which appear on this website may not reflect the most current legislation adopted by the Town of Newbury. The print version of the Bylaw/Code, together with any amendments adopted subsequent to the most recent update to the print version, remain the official version of the Bylaw/Code. Therefore, if discrepancies exist between the print and internet versions of the Bylaw/Code, the most recent version, together with any amendments, as maintained by the Town Clerk shall be considered legally enforceable. For the official version of the Newbury Bylaws, including both text and maps, please contact the Newbury Town Clerk. For general information regarding Building/Zoning information, please contact Inspectional Services, Building Department.

Staff Members


Martha Taylor

Planning Director/MVPC Commissioner

(978) 465-0862, ext. 312

Kristen Grubbs

Assistant Planner

(978) 465-0862, ext. 336

Board Members

NameTitleTerm ExpiresAdditional Appointments

Lawrence Murphy


May 11, 2027

Alternate MVPC Commissioner

Peter Paicos

Vice Chair

May 12, 2026

Woody Knight


May 9, 2028

Planning Board Member of Conservation Commission

Scott Kinter


May 8, 2029

Mary Stohn


May 13, 2025

Stephen Mangion

Associate Member

June 30, 2024