Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes

Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes are due quarterly on the first business day of August, November, February and May.

Tax bills are mailed one month in advance of the due date.

If you are a property owner who does not receive a tax bill, please contact the Treasurer/Collector's Office.  These bills are also available on our On-Line Payment system. 

Payment of tax bills may be made in a few ways:

  1. Pay online CLICK HERE  You may pay your bill by electronic check or by credit card. There is a $0.50 fee for an electronic check and a 2.95% fee for credit card payments.

  2. Detach the remittance coupon at the bottom of the tax bill and mail with check to Century Bank in the envelope provided.  Payments must be received by the due date to avoid additional interest and charges.  Please mail in ample time to assure receipt by the due date

  3. If a personal on-line banking program is used, the proper remittance address is Town of Newbury, 12 Kent Way, Ste 101, Byfield, MA 01922.  To insure proper credit for payment, please include either Bill # or Parcel ID.

  4. Payments may also be mailed or made in person at Town Hall during posted business hours.  If a receipt is requested, please include a self-address stamped envelope.

  5. Most mortgage companies require taxes to be escrowed for payment directly to the Town.  In accordance with Massachusetts General Law, all tax bills are mailed to the Owner of Record, the name(s) that appear on the property deed.  The Town does not mail tax bills directly to the mortgage companies; it is the responsibility of the property owner to do so if requested.

  6. Any tax bill not paid in full by the end of the 4th quarter (May 1st) will be sent a Demand Notice.  There will be a $30.00 Demand Fee in addition to interest due on the bill.  Properties on which taxes are due after the Demand Notice, are subject to a tax taking whereby a lien is recorded on the property.