Subdivision Fees
Approval Not Required /Form A
$200/lot or lot line change ($200. Minimum)

Advisory meeting before plan submittal

Preliminary plan
$500 plus $200/lot

Definitive plan with submitted preliminary plan Or with submitted conceptual plan for OSRD
$1000 plus $500/lot or unit

Definitive plan without preliminary plan
$2000 plus $500/lot or unit

Modification, at request of applicant
To preliminary plan $75 plus $50/lot affected
To definitive plan $500 plus $100/lot affected

Special Permit Fees
Pre-Application Meeting

Open Space Residential Development
$1000 plus $100/lot or unit

Common driveway
$500 (for two lots)
$650 (for three lots)
$800 (for four lots)
$950 (for five lots)


Additional Costs and Fees
In addition to the above noted application fees, the following costs will be applied to any and all development proposals submitted to the Newbury Planning Board:

Mailing Costs
The owner or applicant will be responsible for all mailing costs related to the proposed development. Mailings may include, but not be limited to, certified mailings, informational mailings, etc.

Publishing Costs
The owner or applicant will be responsible for all costs related to the publishing of legal notices in conjunction with the proposed development project; and Consultant Review Costs: The Board may require that the Applicant pay a "review" fee for the employment of outside consultative services to assist in the review of the application. The board may engage engineers, planners, traffic specialists, lawyers, urban designers, hydrologist or other appropriate professionals who can assist the Board in analyzing a project to insure compliance with relevant laws, ordinances, bylaws and regulations.