Owners Project Manager (OPM) & Designer Selection Committee Results 2017-2018

The OPM & Designer Selection Committee (effective 2/14/17-6/30/18) was responsible for identification of position qualifications, interviews and the recommendation of a candidate(s) for both the OPM and the Building Designer to the Board of Selectmen for the Municipal Building Project (Police Department & Renovations to Town Hall.  Chairmanwas Eric Svahn, Vice Chairman was John Kellar and Secretary was Martha Taylor.  Upon completion, this committee will be dissolved and a Design/Construction type of Committee will be formed, along with its member appointments. Members of this Committe were: Eric Svahn, John Kellar, Martha Taylor, Michael Reilly, John Lucey, Jackman (JR) Colby, Dick Passeri, Damon Jespersen, Otto Kinzel