MBC Findings & Recommendations 2014-2016

The Board of Selectmen formed a Municipal Building Committee in 2014 that was chartered with recommending improvements to town facilities which resulted in the proposal of a new combined Public Safety Complex (Police and Fire Station) with renovatoins to Town Hall.  This was later re-organized as a Facility project to assess and advise the Board of Selectmen on a proposed new Police Station and an addition to Town Hall.  The Committee, in both it's first and second stages, was comprised of the following individuals: Eric Svahn, Tracy Blais, Mike Doyle, Steve Fram, Damon Jespersen, Sam Joslin, John Lucey Jr., Richard ROnder, Donald Jarvis, Martha Taylor and Nate Walker.  The material provided below outlines some general information, along with their findings and recommendations for historial purposes.  The finality of this Committee, a Town Meeting/Ballot approval of funding, resulted in the creation of the Owner Project Manager (OPM) & Designer Selection Committee.