Parking Clerk

The Parking Clerk works in accordance with Massachusetts General Law Chapter 90, Section 20A which mandates that the Clerk shall supervise and coordinate the processing of parking violations and the collection of fines.  The Clerk works closely with the Police Department and the seasonal Code Enforcement Officers to ensure a fair and equitable practice of parking violations. The Clerk also serves as the Hearing Officer for the appeal of parking tickets. 


Our Police Department patrols its streets and parking areas with its Officers and Code Enforcement Officials and does so with frequency.

Resident Parking: Resident Parking by Permit Only signage is clearly erected at the entrance of our Plum Island Center parking lot, along the beach side of Northern Boulevard and at the Town Ramp on High Road at the Parker River Bridge. Residents must purchase a parking permit annually by January 1st if they intend to park in Resident Parking by Permit Only spaces and are valid for the calendar year.

Sunset Drive:  parking is allowed as indicated by the signage and has a 3-hour limit and is STRICTLY ENFORCED.  Parking signage is erected and installed at the discretion of Town officials and dependent on field conditions. Please be vigilant and do not block Emergency Access entrances and keep a distance of at least 10-feet from fire hydrants when parking on Plum Island. 

Fee-Based Plum Island Parking Lots: parking spaces are available and the lots are owned and managed privately. They are located at 8 Plum Island Blvd, 14 Plum Island Blvd., 26 Plum Island Blvd., 34 Plum Island Blvd,11 Fordham Way, 77 Southern Blvd., 3 Northern Blvd., and 49 Northern Blvd.  Newburyport offers parking at their Plum Island Point Beach & Parking Lot, you may find their information here  

Newbury institutes a Winter Parking Ban December 1 through April 1, all dates inclusive, between the hours of 12:00 midnight and 06:00 am.


Staff Contacts


Susan Noyes

Parking Clerk

(978) 462-4440 ext. 260