Inspectional Services/Building Commissioner

The Building Commissioner responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Administering and enforcing of 780 CMR the State Building Code as outlined in MGL 143 and all applicable laws and regulations associated with it. 
  • Enforcement and administration of the Newbury Zoning and PIOD Bylaws.
  • Performing inspections as required by the State Building Code and/or Zoning  Bylaw including but not limited to new structures, additions, remodels, repairs, wood stoves, fences, signs, pools, etc..
  • Assuring the standards or requirements for materials to be used in connection with building including provisions for safety, ingress and egress, energy conservation, sanitary conditions and fire safety are met.
  • Establishing of reasonable fees for inspections and services.
  • Perform regular inspections as outlined in Section 110 of 780 CMR to ensure places of public assembly and other occupancies outlined in this section are safe for public use.
  • Acting as the Town's Flood Plains Administrator.

NOTE:  The version of the Newbury Bylaws, in whole or in part, which appear on this website may not reflect the most current legislation adopted by the Town of Newbury.  The print version of the Bylaw/Code, together with any amendments adopted subsequent to the most recent update to the print version, remain the official version of the Bylaw/Code.  Therefore, if discrepancies exist between the print and internet versions of the Bylaw/Code, the most recent version, together with any amendments, as maintained by the Town Clerk shall be considered legally enforceable.  The official version of the Newbury Bylaws including both text and maps, please contact the Newbury Town Clerk.  For general information regarding Building/Zoning information, please contact Inspectional Services, Building Department.

Staff Contacts



Peter Binette

Building Commissioner


Chrissy Beaupre

Inspectional Services Administrator



Bill Robitaille

Electrical Inspector

978/265-6659 Cell

Gerry Downs

Gas & Plumbing Inspector

978/465-8835 Office Landline