Need information on senior services such as home care, nursing homes, fuel assistance, food resources, etc.? Call the Newbury Council on Aging at 978-462-8114 and speak with our Outreach Coordinator. We have information on local, state, and national services that can help you navigate the system of senior care in Massachusetts and beyond.

Referrals can be made to local agencies such as visiting nurses, home care programs, money management, crisis intervention, adult day programs, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and support groups, just to name a few. In addition, our Outreach Coordinator can help you apply for a variety of programs, such as housing, health insurance, and other services. We will answer your questions, find appropriate resources where available, and help guide you through the often-complex system of senior care..

Our Outreach Coordinator also offers a thorough assessment of the senior and their family's needs. This assessment can be done with the senior alone or together with appropriate family members. These meetings are conducted either in the senior's home or at the Council on Aging.

Please note that we follow strict confidentiality laws. However, we do share information about a senior's specific siuation with appropriate agencies and staff. This, of course, is always done with the senior's permission. Decisions always remain in the hands of the senior. If you have concerns about the senior's ability to make wise decisions, you should contact their primary care physician to obtain an evaluation.

Our Outreach Coordinator is available Monday through Thursday from 9am-1pm.