Open Space Committee

Responsibilities of the Committee


  • Update the Newbury Open Space and Recreation Plan; update required every 5 years.  Last Open Space and Recreation Plan completed in 2001; update now required by the State.


  • Coordinate and oversee implementation of actions recommended in the Open Space and Recreation Plan.
  • Maintain inventory of lands of potential interest for open space purposes and lands important for resource protection and other environmental concerns.
  • Collaborate with the Planning Board on open space issues related to OSRD applications and long-range planning.
  • Collaborate with the Conservation Commission on issues related to Town-owned open space.
  • Collaborate with the Recreation Committee on issues related to active and passive recreation.
  • Collaborate with the Historic Commission on issues related to historic and cultural resources.
  • Collaborate with the Selectmen on issues related to Town-owned open space and Chapter 61 properties.
  • Promote appropriate use of existing public open space.
  • Promote or assist in land conservation efforts identified as priorities in the Open Space and Recreation Plan.
  • Assist landowners interested in land conservation.

Town residents that are interested in Open Space planing, land conservation, passive recreation and related issues are encouraged to participate fully in Committee meetings which are always posted and open to the public.


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June 30, 2019


June 30, 2019