Transportation Options

NEET (Northern Essex Elder Transport)

  • NEET is a non-profit volunteer driver program serving seniors in 14 communities of the Merrimack Valley, including Newbury. Volunteer drivers provide curb-to-curb, non-lift transportation for seniors to local and out-of-town medical appointments when other means are either unavailable or unaffordable. You must be 60 or older to be eligible for this service. If you would like to become a registered NEET Rider, please contact the Newbury Council on Aging at 978-462-8114.

  • How NEET Transportation Works:

    • Riders must be 60 years old and can self transport from their home into and out of vehicles. 
    •  All riders must read the Senior Rider Guidelines, complete a NEET Registration Form and sign and return the Senior Waiver before a ride can be scheduled. For more information, download the Rider Registration Packet from the NEET website ( or call the Newbury Council on Aging to request a packet be mailed to you.
    •  Transportation arrangements must be made through the Newbury Council on Aging. 
    •  When requesting assistance, you must provide complete destination details including address, phone number and length of appointment.
    •  All riders must wear seat belts and volunteers are unable to drive seniors from appointments that include sedation.
    • Transportation is not guaranteed and NEET reserves the right to refuse any senior who does not follow the current Senior Rider Guidelines.


Council On Aging Van

  • The COA Van is available for grocery shopping every Tuesday morning.  Pick-ups begin at 9:30am to go to Market Basket and/or Shaw's, as well as other local errands. Call the Council on Aging by Monday morning to reserve your seat. All riders must be self ambulatory, but companions for those who require assistance are welcome.
  • The COA Van is also available every Thursday for trips to other shopping locations, including Seabrook Commons, the Dollar Store, and more.
  • Recreational trips to local restaurants are generally planned twice a month.  Details are outlined in the newsletter or give us a call at 978-462-8114 to find out where we are going and when.
  • All van riders must sign a Van Registration form and abide by the standards of conduct in order to ride the van.