Animal Control

In partnership with the Newbury Police Department, the Newbury Animal Control Division shall:

  1. investigate nuisance complaints involving animals;
  2. enforce local and state laws;
  3. assist in the removal of sick or injured animals while determining the risk of rabies exposure and need for testing;
  4. investigating dog bites;
  5. assist when loose animals are a threat to public safety;
  6. investigate cruelty and/or neglect complaints;
  7. ensure that Town barns and kennels are inspected and are in compliance with local and state laws; and,
  8. when necessary, work with local stakeholders, such as the MSPCA, local veterinary clinics, and surrounding animal shelters, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of animals.

The Animal Control Officer is activated by calling the Newbury Communication Center.


Newbury Police Department

Animal Control Officer/Animal Inspector

(978) 462-4440