What do I do if beavers are flooding my property?

Review the Citizens Guide to Addressing Beaver Conflicts to understand the processes for obtaining permits and the actions that can be taken to resolve beaver and muskrat problems. Contact the Board of Health to assess the damage and advise you of your options. If the BOH determines that the damage is not deemed a threat to human health or safety, you can appeal their decision to the Department of Pubic Health. Contact your MassWildlife District office if you have further questions.

What if my yard is flooding, but the beavers are not located on my property. Is there anything that I can do to control the flooding?

Go to the property owner and explain your situation. In most cases permission is granted for certain alleviation techniques. Emergency Permits must be obtained from the local Board of Health and Conservation Commission before any action can be taken. The permit application will require a signature from the owner of the property on which the dam and beaver are located. A landowner consent form is also required.