How do I know if I need to get permits for my project? What kind of application do I need to file?

We strongly encourage anyone with any questions regarding wetlands and wetland permitting in Newbury to contact the Conservation Agent BEFORE beginning any work!

If your project is going to have an impact on, or be conducted in any, wetlands, wetland buffer zone, riverine area, or coastal resource area, you will likely need to get a permit through the Conservation Commission. If you know there are wetlands on your property, you will want to start by having a wetland professional locate and flag the wetland boundaries and get a site plan from a MA registered professional surveyor or engineer. If you are unsure if you have wetlands on your property, the MassMapper program is a good start to find out if you do. BUT! please note this mapping software is not always accurate - you could have wetlands on or near your property that aren't shown on MassMapper, and any wetlands that are shown may not have accurate boundaries. It is important to have a qualified person locate wetlands for you to ensure accurate delineations. If you're looking for someone to locate wetlands for you, you can find a contact list here (Town entities can't make specific recommendations for people to hire, but this list provides contact info for qualified persons who do work in the area). If you have any questions about potential wetlands on or near your property, reach out to the Conservation Agent directly! (contact info below)

Generally, any work that will permanently or temporarily remove, fill, dredge, or alter a protected wetland resource area or buffer zone (the area within 100 linear feet of a wetland resource) requires permitting through the Conservation Commission. You can find more information on the classifications of wetland resources in the Massachusetts WPA regulations. You can also find information on the additional regulations that are specific to Plum Island in the Town of Newbury Wetland Bylaw. Both of these documents can be found under the "Laws, Bylaws & Policies" tab on the Conservation Commission webpage.

If you do need a permit, the type of permit or application necessary depends on the type, scope, and location of the work being conducted. If you are unsure of what type of application you should complete, you can contact the Conservation Agent by phone at 978-465-0862 ext 310, by email at, or visit the Inspectional Services office at the Town Hall, located on the first floor at 12 Kent Way, Suite 101, Byfield, MA.