Parking Permit Application & Information


2020 Parking Permit Image

Resident Parking Permits

Parking Permits are available to Newbury residents only. The Town Census/Street Listing and/or a Real Estate Tax Bill will be used to verify residency; please ensure a copy of your R/E bill is included with your application to expedite the process.  If you rent a residence, you must appear on the town’s current list of residents or you may be required to show proof of lease or rental agreement.

Residents 16 to 64 years of age: - $25.00
Resident Senior Citizen 65+ years of age - $20.00
Resident Veteran - $20.00
Replacement Sticker: - $5.00

Resident Parking Permits may be purchased on-line. On-line applications received (Monday-Friday), upon verification, will be issued a temporary parking permit that will be valid for two weeks with instructions on where to place the temporary permit until they receive their permanent sticker in the mail.

Mail-In forms are available for the purchase of Resident Parking Permits or you may purchase in person; both fulfilled by the Town Clerk's office during regular business hours.  Please be prepared to provide the required information in both instances to avoid delays. In-person payment may be made by CASH or CHECK only.

NEWBURY PARKING PERMIT STICKER LOCATION - Please clean your exterior window and affix your Parking Permit sticker to the OUTSIDE lower left corner of the rear window. If you have a convertible or cap, you may affix the sticker to the left rear bumper. Please use care and adhere properly.

Learn more about our Resident Parking Permits in our FAQ's