About Resident Parking Permits

2018 Resident Parking Permit

Resident Parking Permits

Residents (17 to 64 years of age): $25.00
Resident Senior Citizen (65+ years of age): $20.00
Replacement Sticker: $5.00

*** 2018 Location for Parking Sticker ***  Parking Permit stickers should be affixed to either the the outside rear window in the lower left hand corner or for covertibles/removable hardtops, on the back left bumper. 

Resident Parking Permits are available to residents of the Town of Newbury. Proof of residency is required at time of purchase and shall be verified through the town Census and/or by a Real Estate Tax Bill.  If you rent a residence, you must (1) appear on the town’s census or (2) show proof of a year-round calendar lease.

Resident Parking Permits may be purchased on-line through the Town’s website or at https://newburyparking.cityhallsystems.com/ If purchased on-line by April 1st, both Resident and Senior (not replacement) sticker pricing will be reduced by $1.00, all-inclusive.  When applicaton is received (Monday-Friday) and upon verification, residents will be issued a temporary parking permit via email that they may print and place on their vehicle in the assigned location until the permanent sticker arrives.  Mail-In forms are available here

If you need to immediately obtain a Resident Parking Sticker, you may do so with the Parking Clerk.  Please be prepared to provide the required proof of residency and a copy of registration(s).

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