WWII Memorial Committee Seeks Help in Finding Veterans Families

The World War II Monument Committee is seeking help from the public to locate family members of veterans whose names are etched on a monument at the corner of Central and Church streets in  Byfield.

Since March, the committee has been developing a plan to move the monument from privately owned land to town/municipal land. Their vision is to create a small park; some ideas include installing a piece of granite to feature the 117 names of soldiers on the current memorial, installing a brick walkway with the names of veterans inscribed on the bricks and benches to sit and reflect.  Their goal is to privately fund this project, hoping that families of the veterans will help support this.   When the project is complete they intend to hold a dedication service.

In the meantime, the committee is still searching for family members of many of the veterans whose names appear on the monument.  Those names include: Oliver Andrews Jr., Samuel Baird, Constance Bulgaris, George Bulgaris, James Bulgaris, Harold Barbour, John Battersby, Emerson Beaman, Robert Blackadar, Chalmus Bowden, Thomas Bowes, Robert Bridges, Robert T. Briggs, Henry Britton Jr., James C. Brooks, Raymond Brown, William Brooks, Alden Caldwell, David Caldwell, Wallace Caldwell, Guy Carpenter, Grace Colby, Charles Croft, James Cullen, Clarence Davis, Donald Dort, Allen Downer, Walter Downer, Raymond Eaton, Earl Fairbanks, Harry Fairbanks, Alfred Fitzsimmons, Arthur Gagnon, Paul Gagnon, Joseph Greaney, William Greaney, Charles Harlow, Ellsworth Harlow, Robert Harlow, Joseph Haydock, J. Chandler Hill, Lester Hills, Basil Jelly, David Johnson, Richard Johnson, Robert Jones, Thomas Joyce, Napolean King, Clifford Kent, Joel Lancy, Eldred Lane, Samuel A. Larkin, Charles Lenane, Henry McGrath, Sterling McKay, Vernon McNutt, James McIntosh, George McPhail, George McPhail Jr., Charles Mooney, Clyde Mooney, Ralph Murray, Madeline Nolan, Robert Page, Leroy Partridge, Orin Partridge, Ann Pearson, Benjamin Pearson, Frederick Pearson, , Wallace Pearson, William Pearson, Woodrow Pearson, Albert P. Rock, John Rock, Philip Rock, Robert Rock, Allen Rogers, Clarence Rogers, Donald Rogers, Earl Rogers, Fred Rogers, Harris Rogers, Herbert Rogers, James Rogers, John Rogers, Martin Rogers, Newell Rogers, Norris Rogers, Ralph Rogers, Raymond Rogers, Russell Rogers, Thomas Rogers, Walter Rogers, Willard Rogers, Clarence Salter, Norman Salter, Frank Searles Jr., William Senior Jr., George Short, Earl Simon, Henry Skeele, John Skeele, Armand Soucy, Marshall Soury, Marcus Steele, Robert Vincent, Albert Walker, Charles Waye, Ward Whitney, Amy Will, Roy Wilson, Irving Witham, Orin Woodman and Raymond Woodman.

Anyone who desires to become involved and/or has information about these veterans or their families may contact Evelyn Noyes at e.m.noyes@comcast.net.