Information and Referral

Call the C.O.A. Office at (978) 462-8114 Monday through Thursday from 9:00 to 3:00 if you are looking for information on elder services such as transportation, home care, adult day care, nursing homes, and more. We have information on local, state, and national services that can help you navigate the system of elder care in Massachusetts. Referrals can be made for visiting nurses, the home care program, money management, crisis intervention, day care programs, nursing homes, and support groups.  In addition, Staff can help with applications for housing, health insurance, and other needs. They will answer your questions and find appropriate resources where available.

If we cannot answer your question right away, we will do research to find the information for you. Information can be relayed to you over the phone, the fax, email, or through the US Postal Service. In addition, our outreach worker can meet with you and/or your family member in the elder's home or in the Council on Aging Office to discuss community service options. Note that we follow strict confidentiality laws, so we share information about a senior's specific situation only with their permission. Decisions always remain in their hands.