Plum Island Erosion

The Town of Newbury has established this link to assist residents and others by providing information concerning beach erosion situation on Plum Island.

News Updates

  • The Town of Newbury continues to perform minor maintenance and repairs to the sandbags located at the Center Beach.  This maintenance and repair work is funded by the Town and the Department of Conservation and Recreation.
  • On October 27, 2009 at a Special Town Meeting, the Town of Newbury appropriated $135,000 for the Town's share of a beach replenishment project.  These monies were appropriated from a fund established with proceeds from the sale of town-owned land.  The beach replenishment project is part of the dredging project for the Merrimack River and is being managed by the Army Corps of Engineers.
  • The Dune Stabilization Project on Plum Island was completed in December of 2008. Four terraces of sand bags were installed (click here for a drawing.) A fifth terrace level was installed in January.  This project was funded by a grant from the Division of Conservation and Recreation.
  • The Board of Selectmen have voted to declare a local state of emergency on Plum Island.  This local state of emergency is in effect until further notice.
  • Media outlets seeking information on the Plum Island erosion situation can contact Doug Packer at (978) 465-0862 X310. Mr. Packer is the Conservation Agent for the Town of Newbury and is well versed on this subject.
  • Michael Reilly, the Chief of Police for the Town of Newbury is the Town's Emergency Management Director. Timothy Leonard, the Director of the Department of Public Works is the Town's Deputy Emergency Management Director.

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